• Four-row repeat lace stitch
    Lace Stitches

    Four-row repeat, lace stitch knitting pattern

    In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn a four-row repeat lace stitch: Quick to memorize (only 3 steps that will be repeated all the time), and easier than the last one we practiced. It’s a great pattern for knitting a wide range of projects, including: Summer tops, cardigans, sweaters, scarves, wraps… and maybe a vest? (And I’d love you to give it a try, since we’ll need it for our next project 😉 Ok, grab your needles, and let’s get started! Abbreviations CO: Cast on RS: Right side of the work K: Knit P: Purl yo: Yarn over sl1: Slip one stitch as if to knit (pass one stitch knitwise onto the…