• Four knitting techniques to bind off different stitches

    4 knitting techniques and tips to bind off different stitches: Fisherman’s Rib, No curl Stockinette, among others

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn four techniques to bind off different kinds of knitting patterns, such as the classic Fisherman’s Rib, the Tweed stitch, and the “No curl Stockinette stitch”. You’ll also see how to bind off working each stitch as it presents, because some of you have told me that it’s still difficult to distinguish the knit stitch from the purl stitch. All the stitches that I’m using for this tutorial have been published here, on this web, and on my You Tube channel: SoWoolly Learning these techniques is important, because not every stitch pattern looks nice if we bind off the traditional way: whether binding off knitwise, or…