Newborn Mittens knitting pattern for beginners
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Newborn Baby Mittens, a knitting pattern for beginners

As many of you have requested, today we are going to learn the easiest Newborn Baby Mittens knitting pattern ever! The only techniques required are: Cast on (use any method you like), knit and purl.

The mittens are knitted flat, so if you don’t know yet how to knit in the round, this project is for you.

They are designed to match the Baby Booties for absolute beginners and the Baby Hat with Bunny Ears!

And if you want to complete the set, you can also add the Baby Blanket for Beginners 😉

Let’s get started…



2 x 3 mm   –     US 3 knitting needles #ad

2 x 3.75 mm – US 5 knitting needles #ad

10 -12  gr of wool Super Fine, Sock, (or number 1).  This is the one I used: Soft, great quality…a lovely yarn #ad

1 x Tapestry needle  This set is very useful: from sock yarn weight up to bulky yarn, you can sew up every project you knit!) #ad

1 x Measuring tape #ad

1 x Scissors #ad



With the smaller needles, 30 stitches and 46  rows knitted in Garter stitch = 10 cm / 4 in.



Total length 8.3 cm – 3.27 in

Wide: 5.8 cm – 2.28 in

Cuff length: 3 cm – 1.18 in



st: stitch

K: Knit

P: Purl

k2tog: Knit two stitches together

ssk: slip one stitch knitwise, slip the next, put them both back onto the left hand needle, knit them together.

RS: Right side of the work

WS: Wrong side of the work

BO: Bind off


How to knit anti scratch mittens for newborn


Newborn Baby Mittens, a knitting pattern for beginners


CO 32 st with smaller needles.

Knit 10 rows in 2×2 Rib, as follows:

1º and every Row: *K2, P2*. Repeat from* across the row.

11º Row: Change to the bigger needles and knit 15 st, k2tog, knit until the end of the row (we’ve decreased 1 st).


Rest of the Mitten

Knit 14 more rows in Garter stitch.


Top of the Mitten

1º Row: Ssk, k11, k2tog, k1, ssk, k11, k2tog.

3º Row: Ssk, k9, k2tog, k1, ssk, k9, k2tog.

5º Row: Ssk, k7, k2tog, k1, ssk, k7, k2tog.

7º Row: Ssk, k5, k2tog, k1, ssk, k5, k2tog.

9º Row: BO knitwise.


Easy newborn mittens knitting pattern and tutorial


Cut the yarn leaving a 10 cm – 4 in tail, thread your tapestry needle and join the top. Then, join the sides (watch the video if you want to see how it’s done).

Now, you just need to knit the second one and that’s it! (Both mittens are the same).


I hope you enjoy this pattern…it’s time to watch the video:

Newborn Baby Mittens, a knitting pattern for beginners


So Woolly – Carolina

PS: Do you need to knit mittens for toddlers with thumbs? Here is your tutorial!


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