Zig Zag lace knitting stitch pattern that doesn't curl
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Zig-Zag Lace knitting pattern (easy-peasy and it doesn’t curl)

Today it’s all about Zig-Zag Lace, but first…Happy New Year, my little Woolly! May 2021 bless you with health, wealth, and happiness :)!

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit an easy Zig-Zag lace knitting stitch. A four-row repeat pattern, ideal for those knitters that haven’t tried lace yet…

The Zig-Zag pattern is created by alternating two different decreases on each odd row; firstly, knitting two stitches together, which is a right leaning decrease, and then, another sort of single decrease, that results in a left leaning stitch.

This pattern is the perfect solution when knitting a top or sweater, with a small touch of lace, but not a whole openwork knitted fabric, because it incorporates solid 2×2 rib columns. 

This combination prevents the piece from curling. Although it’s a lace stitch, it will also work for scarves and cowls.

It’s also a beautiful option when knitting the rib of a sweater or even the cuffs.

Let’s get started!

Easy Zig-Zag Lace stitch for beginners

This swatch was made using a beautiful cotton yarn (one of my favorites because of the quality and the shiny colors) #ad


CO: Cast on

st: Stitch

K: Knit

P: Purl

yo: Yarn over (bring the yarn forward)

k2tog: knit two stitches together

sd: Single left-leaning decrease (slip one stitch purlwise, knit the next and pass the slipped stitch over).

BO: Bind off

Zig-Zag Lace knitting pattern

CO multiples of 10 + 2; I.e.: 10 * 2 = 20 + 2 = 22 st.

1º row: *K2, P2, K1, k2tog, yo, K1, P2*. Repeat from * to *, to last 2 st, ending the row with K2.

2º and 4º rows: *P2, K2, P4, K2*. Repeat from * to *, to last 2 st, ending the row with P2.

3º row: *K2, P2, K1, yo, sd, K1, P2*. Repeat from * to *, to last 2 st, ending the row with K2.

These four rows create the pattern. Repeat them until the desired length is reached.

When finished, BO working each stitch as it presents, after a row 4.

This is the wrong side of the work:

Free knitting patterns and video tutorials for beginners

I also used a lovely pair of bamboo needles (perfect for Summer and Winter time)! #ad

And now, enjoy the video!

Zig-Zag Lace knitting stitch pattern

I hope you like it and practice it 😉

Hugs and happy knitting!

Carolina – So Woolly

PS: Please share your projects/swatches on Instagram, and tag me (@sowoolly), so we can see them!

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