• How to knit the most charming lace mesh pattern
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    How to knit the most charming Lace Mesh stitch pattern

    Spring is coming, and it’s been a while since the last lace stitch we learned (the Lace Squares stitch). Luckily, I found this beautiful pattern, one of the most charming Lace Mesh stitches I’ve ever seen! It’s similar to the Netting stitch: Easy to knit, it has a lovely texture, not reversible, but it lays flat and the wrong side looks great too. The Lace Mesh is a left-leaning stitch, but no cable needle is required. Abbreviations CO: Cast on st: Stitch RS: Right side of the work K: Knit P: Purl Yfwd: Yarn forward Sl1: Slip one stitch as if to purl Psso: Pass the slipped stitch over BO:…