Learn to knit quickly Lesson four How to Purl So Woolly
Learn how to knit quickly

Learn How to Knit Quickly – Lesson 4: How to Purl (Purl stitch)

Although many knitters don’t enjoy purling, as a knitter, you really should learn how to purl: if you already know how to knit (Garter stitch) you have seen that many projects are possible (like the Baby Booties or the Baby Hat with Bunny Ears).

The truth is that the Purl stitch is simply another step along your knitting journey. When you learn how to combine both the knitting and purling, it will open up a world of new designs and textured fabrics.

The purl stitch is the mirror of the knit stitch: instead of inserting the needle from front to back, and having the working yarn at the back of your work, you will insert the needle from right to left, having the working yarn in front of you.

Step 1:

Once you have cast on, with the working yarn in front of you, you slide the right hand needle into the first loop, from the right side to the left.

Step 2:

Then wrap the yarn around the right hand needle

Learn to knit quickly Lesson 4 How to Purl So Woolly


Step 3:

Pull it through the back of your work


Purl stitch Free Online Knitting Course

Step 4:

Take the stitch off the left hand needle.

Knitting stitches for beginners How to Purl So Woolly



It will feel strange and just a little awkward in the beginning, but with patience and practice, you will gain the  skill and with increased confidence attempt more interesting and beautiful combinations of yarns and textures.


Stay tuned and enjoy the video (you will see how to purl in both knitting styles, English and Continental):

Lesson 4: How to Purl – Purl stitch


Happy knitting,


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