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How to fix dropped cast-on stitches (easy knitting trick)

Hello, my little Woolly! In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn an easy trick, to fix dropped cast-on stitches… Simple and effective, it will save you a lot of time 😉

Are you familiar with this scenario…?

When knitting the first row, something comes up (the doorbell, the cat leaves you a present, the phone rings… etc.), and we have to leave our work…

Or we are knitting this first row too fast, and…

We realize that one of the cast on stitches has come undone…Accidentally, we dropped one stitch off, and suddenly there are two  strands between your needles.

I don’t know how many times this has happened to me, and after casting on 100 stitches, and knitting more than half of the first row (or round, because this trick works also when using circular needles), having to undo everything to start again, is pretty frustrating!

Well, this mistake is really easy to fix, with a crochet hook:

Take your crochet hook, and put it behind the strand from the bottom, turn the crochet hook from right to left, creating a stitch. Take the strand from the top, put it over the crochet hook, and pass it through the stitch. And put the stitch back onto the left-hand needle.

Easy Peasy.

Now you can keep knitting like nothing happened 😉

Enjoy the mini tutorial:

I hope this helps! Thank you for watching, and happy knitting 🙂


Carolina – So Woolly

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