Easy slippers knitting pattern
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Easy slippers, a knitting pattern for beginners

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit an easy pair of slippers, using Garter stitch only. This is a great project for using up your stash of leftovers (if you knit them using two colors, you’ll need less than 50 gr each).

The slippers come in three sizes, but if you want to make them smaller (or indeed bigger), just cast on four stitches less (or more).

In both cases increases and decreases should be distributed proportionally, as you will see in the instructions, further down.


100 gr. of cotton yarn (light worsted weight, nº 3, or DK). If you want to knit them in two colors, you’ll need 50 gr. each approximately. 

I used two strands at a time of this lovely 100% cotton yarn, because I wanted a thick fabric (mint for the sole, and vanilla, for the sides). #ad

If you want to knit them using a single strand, you’ll need the same 100 gr. of bulky weight, chunky, or nº 5 yarn. 

The main thing is to obtain the same gauge.

2 x US 10 (6 mm) knitting needles #ad

Scissors, tapestry needle, measurement tape

This kit is great! It has all the knitting accessories we need 😉 #ad


The pattern is written for the larger size (L). The instructions for the other sizes are in parenthesis (in this order: M-S).


L 39-40 8-9.5 6-7.5

M 37-38 6-7.5 4-5.5

S 35-36 4-5.5 2-3.5


4 x 4 in / 10 x 10 cm knitted in Garter stitch, equals 16 stitches.


CO: Cast on

st: Stitch

k: Knit

p: Purl

RS: Right side of the work

m1L: Make one left-leaning increase. Pick up the bar between the stitch you knit and the one you’re about to knit, bringing the needle from back to front. Then knit into the back of the stitch. This is a pretty discrete way to increase one stitch.

k2tog: Knit two stitches together

Learn to knit an easy pair of slippers, step by step. So Woolly.

Easy Slippers knitting pattern

We start knitting the sole; CO 52 (48, 44) st.

Increase section

1º and 2º rows: K across

3º row: K1, m1L, K24 (22,18), m1L, K2, m1L, K24 (22, 18), m1L, K1

There are 56 (52, 48) st

4º and 5º rows: K across

6º row: K1, m1L, K26 (24, 22), m1L, K2, m1L, K26 (24, 22), m1L, K1

There are 60 p (56, 52) st

7º and 8º rows: K across

9º row: K1, m1L, K28 (26, 24), m1L, K2, m1L, K28 (26, 24), m1L, K1

There are 64 (60, 56) st

10º and 11º rows: K across

12º row: K1, m1L, K30 (28, 26), m1L, K2, m1L, K30 (28, 26), m1L, K1

There are 68 (64, 60) st

13º row: K33 (31, 29), m1L, K2, m1L, K33 (31, 29)

There are 70 (66, 62) st

How to knit easy slippers, step by step. So Woolly.

Decrease section

Now, we are going to knit the sides; so it’s time to change colors, if you are knitting the sides in different colors!

14º, 15º, 16º, and 17º rows: K across

18º row: K31 (29, 27), k2tog, K4, k2tog, K31 (29, 27)

There are 68 (64, 60) st

19º row: K30 (28, 26), k2tog, K4, k2tog, K30 (28, 26)

There are 66 (62, 58) st

20º row: K28 (26, 24), k2tog, K6, k2tog, K28 (26, 24)

There are 64 (60, 56) st

21º row: K27 (25, 23), k2tog, K6, k2tog, K27 (25, 23)

There are 62 (58, 54) st

22º row: K25 (23, 21), k2tog, K8, k2tog, K25 (23, 21)

There are 60 (56, 52) st

23º row: K24 (22, 20), k2tog, K8, k2tog, K24 (22, 20)

There are 58 (54, 50) st

24º row: K22 (20, 18), k2tog, K10, k2tog, K22 (20, 18)

There are 56 (52, 48) st

25º row: K21 (19, 17), k2tog, K10, k2tog, K21 (19, 17)

There are 54 (50, 46) st

26º row: K19 (17, 15), k2tog, K12, k2tog, K19 (17, 15)

There are 52 (48, 44) st

27º row: K18 (16, 14), k2tog, K12, k2tog, K18 (16, 14)

There are 50 (46, 42) st

28º row: K17 (15, 13), k2tog, K12, k2tog, K17 (15, 13)

There are 48 (44, 40) st

29º row: K16 (14, 12), k2tog, K12, k2tog, K16 (14, 12)

There are 46 (42, 38) st

30º row: K1, k2tog, K12 (10, 8), k2tog, K5, k2tog, K5, k2tog, K12 (10, 8), k2tog, K1

There are 41 (37, 33) st

31º row: K13 (11, 9), k2tog, K11, k2tog, K13 (11, 9)

There are 39 (35, 31) st

BO knitwise, fold the slipper in half, join both sides of the sole (put each half of the cast on edge one next to the other, and sew on). Then join from the heel to the ankle, and you have finished your first slipper!

Repeat the process for the second one, and… congratulations! 

Easy slippers free knitting pattern for beginners (3 sizes). So Woolly.

It’s time to watch the video:

Easy Slippers knitting pattern

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and don’t forget to share your work on Instagram or Twitter, and mention me (@sowoolly), so we all can see it 😉


Carolina –  So Woolly

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