Easy baby blanket knitting pattern for beginners
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Easy Baby Blanket knitting pattern (0-12 months of age)

This Baby Blanket for babies up to 12 months of age is easy to knit, has a great texture, it’s reversible and it doesn’t curl.

It’s knitted in Broken Rib stitch, and in today’s tutorial, you’ll learn the stitch and the pattern to knit the blanket. This blankie has a rectangular shape. If you prefer a squared one, take a look of this one.

If you know how to knit and how to purl, this is a great project for you!


Width: 90 cm / 35.5 in

Length: 74 cm / 29 in


200 gr of wool for 4 – 4.5 mm knitting needles. I’ve used a blend of 60% Alpaca and 40% wool. Every skein has 50 gr and 100 meters.

4.5 mm / 7 US size needles #ad

1 x Tapestry needle #ad

1 x Measuring tape #ad

1 x Scissors #ad


21 st in Stockinette stitch = 10 cm / 4 in


CO: Cast on

st: Stitch

K: Knit

P: Purl

BO: Bind off

Broken Rib knitting stitch pattern

CO an odd number of stitches.

1º and 3º rows: *K1, P1*. Repeat from * to *, ending with K1.

2º row: *P1, K1*. Repeat from * to *, ending with P1.

4º row: K across.

These four rows create the pattern. Keep repeating them until you reach the desired length. When finished, BO knitwise after a 4º row.

How to knit a baby blanket step by step

Easy knitting Baby Blanket pattern (0-12 months of age)

CO 181 st.

Lower edge

K 36 rows in Garter stitch. (Knit every st of the 36 rows).

Broken Rib section

1º and 3º rows (RS): K28, [K1, P1] 62 times, K1, K28.

2º row: K28, [P1, K1] 62 times, P1, K28.

4º row: K across.

Repeat these 4 rows 39 times more, until 160 rows are completed, ending with a 4º row.

Upper edge

K 36 rows in Garter stitch. On row 37, BO knitwise.

Now, it’s time to block your blanket, to give it a perfect shape! (Watch the video to see how it’s done).

This is a great Blocking Board! Give it a try 😉 #ad

Before blocking:

How to block a baby blanket in knitting and crochet

After blocking:

Broken Rib Stitch knitting pattern video tutorial

Enjoy the video!

Can’t wait to see your work! Don’t forget to share it via Instagram or Twitter, mentioning me!

Happy knitting,


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