A safe and easy way to add a new ball of yarn in knitting
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A safe and easy way to add a new ball of yarn

In this tutorial you’ll learn a safe and easy way to add a new ball or skein of yarn, to change color, or when you run out of wool and need to start a new one (no knots needed)!

And, before I forget, with this post, I’m creating a new section for this website and for my You Tube channel So Woolly, called “Top knitting Tips and Tricks”, to give you my best advice!

We must start at the beginning of the row:

Firstly, you need to allow 12 -15 cm (4.5 – 6 in) of the new yarn.

Tie a knot (gently) and raise it as close as possible to the first stitch.

Leave the tail behind with the old yarn, and proceed to knit as normal, with the new yarn.

When you wish to remove the knot, simply untie it.

Thread your darning needle with the tail of the new yarn, and weave in the tail, at the back of the work, up and down across the bumps (if knitting Garter or Stockinette stitch).

Cut the remaining yarn. This works best with yarns containing at least 70% wool, as the friction holds everything together.

When knitting with cotton or acrylic yarns, make a little knot at the end.

And don’t forget to use the best knitting needles ever!

This is the right side of the work:

This is the wrong side:

Enjoy the video!


Carolina – So Woolly

PS: Interested to learn the stitch on the images?

Take a look of this pattern here!

Happy knitting!

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