Double Slip-stitch Rib
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Double Slip-stitch Rib knitting pattern: 2 steps and 2 rows

Dedicated to all those who aren’t purling fans, this tutorial will show you how to knit the the Double Slip-stitch Rib pattern (in both, English and Continental style).

At first glance, it looks like the classic 2×2 Rib stitch, but if we take a closer look, we’ll see how the columns are embossed, standing out remarkably. 

The Double Slip-stitch Rib is a two-row repeat pattern, one of which is plain knitting, and the other row requires two simple steps: More knitting and slipping stitches.

The good news is that it doesn’t involve any purling! Yay! Because it’s well known that many of us don’t love to purl, and it has been proven that we knit faster when no purl stitch is needed 😉

On top of that, the Double Slip-stitch Rib is a unisex stitch; you can use it for knitting women’s and men’s scarves, infinite cowls, and even blankets, cushions, tote bags, and many other projects (it’s similar to the Slip stitch Rib we learned sometime ago).

Ok, no more talking, sit down at the back and let’s get started!


CO: Cast on

RS: Right side of the work

st: Stitch

K: knit

P: Purl

wyif: With yarn in front (bring the yarn to the front)

sl1pw: Slip one stitch purl wise (pass the stitch onto the right-hand needle as if to purl).

sl2pw: Slip two stitches purl wise (pass the stitches onto the right-hand needle as if to purl; either one by one, or both at once).

wyib: With yarn in back (bring the yarn to the back)

BO: Bind off

How to knit the Double slip-stitch Rib: An easy, reversible pattern. So Woolly.


The first and the last stitches are selvedge stitches. The first will be slipped purlwise in each row; the last one will be knitted in each row. 

Double Slip-stitch Rib

CO multiples of 4; i.e.: 4 * 3 = 12 st.

1º row (RS): K to end only on the first row. When knitting the first row again: Sl1, K to end.

2º row: Sl1, K2, *Sl2 wyif, wyib K2*. Repeat from * to * to last st, K1.

These two rows create the pattern. Repeat them until the desired length is reached. When finished, BO knitwise after a row 2.

This is the other side of the work:

Two-row repeat reversible knitting stitch pattern and video tutorial. So Woolly.

Enjoy the video tutorial:

Double Slip-stitch Rib

I hope you like it! 

Stay safe, keep calm and have some hot chocolate…

Hugs and happy knitting 🙂

Carolina – So Woolly

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