• Honeycomb Brioche knitting stitch pattern

    Honeycomb Brioche knitting stitch (ideal for Winter garments)

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit the Honeycomb Brioche stitch, a classic in the world of knitting. Chunky and cosy, it has a rich texture, perfect for Winter garments in Wool, Alpaca, or Cashmere yarn.  However the Honeycomb Brioche stitch is also suitable for knitting Spring/Autumn garments, using cotton yarn and big needles 😉 A four-row repeat pattern, very intuitive after the first rows, and easy to remember: The same steps are repeated time and time again, ideal knitting while watching your favorite shows or if you have to watch “THE GAME” with your S.O. Ok, let’s get started! For this swatch I used my double pointed bamboo…