• Double Braided Ribbing knit stitch pattern
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    How to knit the Double Braided Rib stitch

    In today’s post, you’ll learn how to knit the adorable Double Braided Rib stitch, step by step. It’s a reversible two-row repeat pattern; although not identical on both sides. Additionally, it doesn’t roll up, so it’s a nice option when knitting scarves or infinite cowls, or any other kind of rectangular garment. However, I’m sure it will give an elegant touch to the cuffs of sweaters, hats, and socks. Similar to the Mock Cable Ribbing stitch, we practiced a while ago, the Double Braided Rib features a double-cross that resembles a braid. So, grab your needles and a little bit of yarn, and let’s get busy ­čÖé Abbreviations CO: Cast…