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How to knit the Spring Lace stitch: for your next seasonal scarf

The Spring Lace stitch is a romantic pattern, ideal for knitting your next Autumn or Spring wrap/scarf.

It looks complicated, however, it’s a great opportunity to practice if you are just starting out knitting lace.

All the techniques involved are easy and explained step by step in the video tutorial.

My suggestion: Start with a small swatch, using thick needles and bulky yarn, to learn how it works. To knit your scarf, use smaller needles and a finer yarn, to get a better look.

On my swatch, I used fine yarn (number 2) and 3.5 mm / 4 US knitting needles. Remember: It’s always easier to knit lace with sharp tips needles 😉

Finally, don’t forget to block your piece before wearing it, so you get a nice definition of the stitches.

So…let’s knit together!


CO: Cast on

K: Knit

P: Purl

St: Stitch

RS: Right side

WS: Wrong side

K2tog: Knit two stitches together

SSK: Slip one stitch knitwise, slip the next knitwise, put them both back onto the left hand needle and knit them together.

YO: Yarn over

BO. Bind off

How to knit Spring Lace stitch for beginners So Woolly

How to knit the Spring Lace stitch

CO multiples of 7 + 2 edge sts. (i.e.: 7*2 = 14+2 = 16 sts.)

1º Row (RS): K1 (edge), *K1, yo, SSK, K1, K2tog, yo, K1*. Repeat from * to * last st., K1 (edge).

2º and all WS rows: Purl across

3º Row: K1 (edge), *K2tog, yo, K3, yo, SSK*. Repeat from * to * last st., K1 (edge).

5º Row: K1 (edge), *Yo, K1, SSK, K1, K2tog, K1, yo*. Repeat from * to * last st., K1 (edge).

7º Row: K1 (edge), *K1, yo, SSK, K1, K2tog, yo, K1*. Repeat from * to * last st., K1 (edge).

These 8 rows form the pattern; repeat them until the desired length is reached.

When finish, BO knitwise after an 8º row.

The Spring Lace stitch is not reversible, this is how the WS looks:

Knitting lace stitches dictionary tutorials So Woolly

Enjoy the video tutorial:

How to knit the Spring Lace stitch for your next seasonal scarf

Happy Knitting!


PS: Have you practiced the Vintage Lace stitch? It’s another beautiful option to knit your next wrap/scarf!

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