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Bind off at both sides of the same row: Armhole knitting tip

Today we’ll learn a great knitting tip: How to bind off at both sides of the same row, to avoid any differences in the levels around the armholes of your handmade sweater.

With this simple knitting technique, (especially important when working with two or more colors), we are going to cast off the stitches of the right and left side of the same row at the same height. You’ll never ever have to suffer one armhole higher than the other again đŸ˜‰


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Bind off at both sides of the same row:

Armhole knitting tip

Firstly, we need to work with odd numbers, i.e.: Let’s bind off 3 stitches.

For the video tutorial, I knitted a swatch in Garter stitch and cast off the first 3 stitches on the right side of the fabric.

Then, we keep knitting until there are only 4 stitches left on the left-hand needle (1 stitch more than what we need to bind off).

Now, we form a huge loop and put it on the table (from now on we’ll work with both sides of this loop. We won’t be using the yarn that comes from the ball).

The following steps are easier to see that to read…

Just click here to follow the video

This is the wrong side of the work:


And that’s all for today, my little Woollies!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and don’t forget to share it, if you think it can help someone else đŸ˜‰

Hugs and happy knitting,

Carolina – So Woolly

PS: If you love the bowls for holding your yarn, take a look of this beauty (made of wood)…much lighter and bigger than mine!

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